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Teen leaders went to Olney recreation center today. We did several things with the kids there. We taught them about their strengths when doing the strength based button workshop with them. We then had a conflict resolution show with them. We then interacted with the kids by playing games with them and having conversations with them.

Teen Leaders at olney recreation center playin zip zap zop with the kids. We really interacting with the kids and they really enjoying it. You can see one of the teen leader, Motel, showing the kids how 2 play the game -Deborah

Teen leaders did another strength based button workshop. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves. While some of the kids designed strength buttons, others enjoyed doing a conflict resolution show with some of the other teen leaders.

What are we? People see us as just regular people, kids see us as leaders, & we call ourselves Teen Leaders. We are more than that, we are an inspiration to children all over Philadelphia who need & want to be taught about the strengths they have, or who have a voice but are afraid to use it because of what people will think, etc. we are those people who listen & teach them about strengths; some they know they have & some they never knew they had. We teach about Conflict Resolution; putting on shows about conflict & the 4 steps to solving them. Having fun with the kids & talking to them; hearing what they have to say & letting them enjoys theirselves & our company. We aren’t just Teen Leaders, we are an inspiration, motivated to inspire these kids & teach them new things.

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